Wednesday, 30 July 2008

A blog from the trenches

I have had a pants headache all day so am really utterly uncreative, other than 'which pain meds shall I try next' so here's an oldie from baby days, courtesy of my old Yahoo 360 blog.

Bedtime routine for Mummy

1110 climb into bed, check Florence tucked in, grab book, squint to read it by nightlight whilst mentally composing shopping list/phone calls to make.

1130 get up for screaming Alice

1140 get up for screaming Alice

1145 get up for screaming Alice, en-route to her room hear merry sound of Florence start crying. HOLLER for DH to get his ass upstairs (yes, I am coming)

1150 Shout DH again

1159 Shout DH using only expletives

1207 Get up for Alice/Florence duo, attempt to slam a door, shout DH

1217 DH gets into bed. Apologises. Lights off, all is quiet, not a mouse stirs

1230 Florence wakes early for feed

0100 Put Florence down for night after feed,burp, nappy

0105-0400 Sit and nurse Florence whilst she calmly surveys all the interesting stuff in the bedroom. Chat quietly to DH about emigrating/joining the French Foreign Legion/taking illegal drugs/sleep plans for next day

(0300 calm Alice from a nightmare)

0405 sleeeeeeeeeeeeep

0800 WAKEY WAKEY It's progress, Captain, but not as we know it...


Kim said...

I remember those days! Thanks for the award - I will get around to posting my own when I get caught up to a more reasonable date. I am still trying to get caught up from vacaton!

Ronda's Rants said...

I remember those poor hubby got called #$@*&%%, so many times he thought it was a term of endearment, for years!