Monday, 7 July 2008

Housework I hate

Well, after admitting what a trog I look....might as well let you into the other dirty bits.

1. Hoovering (or vacuuming for those over the pond). A little known, and in my opinion, much neglected bonus of having IVF (yes - BONUS) is - once those little embies are in there you're BANNED FROM HOOVERING! How good is that? Really makes spending £6k plus on injecting yourself with hideous drugs for 6 or so weeks well worth it. Oh, and you just *might* get a baby out of it. Hooevering wasn't on my list of fave tasks before IVF, but get this - I have hardly dragged one around the house since! For some bizarre reason, my beloved has conveniently (for me) forgotten I am not the recptacle of our precious cargo any more. This has caused a vague dislike to blossom into out-and-out hate.

2. Ironing. Why. Who bloody thought ironing up 'I know - let's add a job to everyone's day'. You'd think those iron age people had better stuff to think about - say some decent heating for the caves, or TVs to while away nights not out hunting unicorns or whatever. I am actually looking forward to being an old lady and either: not caring if I look like the cast-offs from a car-boot sale (wait - you read yesterday's blog - bugger) or investing in some nice drip-dry ensembles. Naturally by that point the girls will hopefully be taking care of their own clothing, DH can wear some stylish sports suits - sorted.

3. Emptying the dishwasher. I don't really know why but once I know it's finished I slink past it and pretend I haven't noticed. I think DH is under the impression that it's just unhappy coincidence it has always just finished when he goes into the kitchen.

4. Putting clean duvet covers onto quilts. Which is highly unfortunate as I have a bit of a clean bedding habit. I love the feel/small of it, and can go into a fugue and wake up and find myself stood next to a stripped bed, with all the linen thrown down the stairs. Which obviously means I then have to put clean on. I am short. I need to stand on the bed. We have a memory foam mattress - so the minute I am on the bed I slowly siiiiiiink whilst frantically trying to shake the quilt into the cover.

5. Emptying bins. Ugh. All of it, so yukky. I stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff things in until DH eventually arrives home 'wow - the bin just got full - why did you put that apple core in - you could see it was virtually full'.

Jut so you don't think I am a complete vile compost heap - I DO like: OCD cleaning of bathrooms/loos. I do like tidying cupboards. I do like clearing out crap, a little too much probably. I do like cooking, just wish I had more time to do 'creative' cooking rather than the-get-freezer-as-full-as-possible-for-dinners-after-work cooking. I do like blogging. Oh, wait - that's not strictly housework. Or actually, it isn't housework at all, is it? Oh well.


KeepinUnity said...

Dishes n Washing is what i hate the dishwasher here,for the past year ive been moaning on about getiin old lady hands!lol n then i was doing the dishes again n then i just fliped out on my other half with the"i do everything" line lol n now he does all the dishes tg,i only like doin stuff im gud at round the house lol,ironing lol i iron jeans n tshirts if i must....n i love bleach!

Ronda's Rants said...

I don't mind cleaning but we have a home office and I HATE cleaning it, really hate it. The other stuff I don't mind. Thanks for stoping by my blog sorry I was in such a mood, a little lonesome for Hubby...who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

I HATE folding and putting laundry away. mostly I just hate that and I hate that fact that .3 seconds after I clean something it's a mess again!

Just Me. said...

i HATE HATE ironing and taking out the bins!


Lindsey said...

I have to agree with Gina on this one. The worst part about any housework is that I go upstairs to grab something, come back down and it EXACTLY how it was before... messy and dis organized.

Anonymous said...

Laundry didn't make your list but it is top and center of mine! I hate everything about it. From separating colors from whites, to loading the wash, to folding and most of all putting the clean clothes away! If I every struck it rich (like Dolly Parton rich) I would never do another load of laundry for the rest of my life! Everything else I can tolerate - even ironing! Oh, and hoovering (hadn't ever heard of this term thanks for the explination). I got rid of all the carpet in my house and put down hard wood. So, now I just sweep and out the door the dirt (and dog hair) goes!