Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Top spots from today

*Warning* - Mummy-centric post

1. Girls getting dressed without a humungous showdown. I suspect it's the promise of the pool at the childminder's, rather than me turning into SuperNanny...but it works for me.

2. Walking into the kitchen to find Florence marching along wearing cereal boxes on her legs. I almost wee'd. They were empty, Ihave no idea what posessed her to think of it but maaaaan...

3. Florence singing the Mummy-song using Alice's Barbie microphone. It goes like this: 'Mummmmeeee, Mummmmeeee, Mummmeeeee song'.

4. Alice deciding to have a look at her wee-wee. They're funny little things (children not wee-wees, well, yes, them too).

5. Playing monsters before bathtime. The laughing and squealing...had to be heard (and probably was by all our neighbours) to be believed.

6. The disco that followed bathtime, and the game we invented - taking it in turns to invent a dance and all copying it. Alice's were really inventive and energetic and crap mummy had a hard time keeping up. Florence's were...a bit samey, and often involved chucking yourself on the floor at some point.

7. Not in correct order but girls eating dinner uncomplainingly and without any bargaining/bribery/mummy banging head on table....hey, perhaps TODAY I am SuperNanny.


Ronda's Rants said...

Enjoy...I miss all that. I am fortunate that I get the grandkids almost anytime I want...Love doing all that stuff!!! Although the cereal box is quite the original
activity. Thanks for the lovely posts...feeling much better, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day was had by all Jo, I mean Nic ;)