Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Blackbird murder suspect in custody

This morning a cat was apprehended at the scene of the violent murder of a blackbird. Detectives attending the scene were reported as saying they 'rarely encounter scenes of such gratuitous and uncontrolled violence'.

The suspect was found at the scene, crouching on a sofa, looking at the victim. Police said he was the prime suspect for the case, being found at the scene and having several feathers around his mouth and on his fur. The feathers have been sent off for forensic analysis to confirm they are from the victim. When arrested the cat leapt playfully at police officers' legs and attempted to bite one officer on the foot.

When interviewed the cat was reported to have offered no explanations for his presence at the scene, and merely rolled onto his side, flicking his tail. The cat, whose identity has not been revealed, but is believed to be one Harry THE CAT, refused to respond to any questioning and also did not indicate whether he wanted legal representation. At one point the cat did mew repeatedly, and refused to stop until he was given biscuits.

The interview was suspended after the cat curled up in a corner and went to sleep.

Detectives are confident that DNA evidence will firmly link the cat to the crime, and are conducting house-to-house enquiries looking for witnesses.


Anonymous said...

Very cute post. :) I have one of those suspects at my house too.

KeepinUnity said...

awww nippa and kizzi have murdered 2 in the last 2 days bunny,last night upset me so much i even cryed for the little bird,they were chucking it to each other n roleing around on it,kizzi the noramlly oh so placid 1 was totally unrecognisable to me she looked like a killer dog/evil,n now the dogs stink of dead birds,bulking here,it flipin horrid x

Mrs Woggie said...

Funny!!! I could have written that about my old Puss, he's done a thing or two like that in his life time!!

Lane J said...

Earlier this year our dog, Peanut, killed 4 bunnies one morning before I left for school...It was not a fun way to start off the day!

Nic said...

OMG 4 rabbits :-( Why oh why?! Harry often gets bored - captures, tortures, then leaves to fly around the house....wheeeee. The girls love it!