Friday, 4 July 2008


I am always on here, blah-ing about myself or my girls, or work, or my toenails....or whatever pops into my head....

But there's this 'aside-mentioned' person who never gets a look in. Not that he's bothered. He finds the idea of writing to either the ether or other people on the internet bizarre at best.

He's just left work for a night shift, and as it always does, my heart drifts through the memories we have built together since we met in 2000.

So, some random facts (no, not THOSE ones, you dirty trollops - go google hot boys or something)

My DH is originally from Georgia. The USSR one.

He speaks 4 languages fluently

He is a Trainee Police officer

He adores football (baaaaah)

He has given our girls their gorgeous eyes

He does this little ritual when he gets into bed (always after me)...comes into room, tickles one of my feet which are sticking out of quilt, goes to bathroom etc, comes in, sits on bed and BRUSHES HIS FEET....Whaaaaat - do we live in a bedouin tent? Was there a sandstorm while I was reading?

He gets horrific hayfever, a gift from the UK to him

He is OCD clean obsessed. Goes SO well with having toddlers

He is nuts on watching movies - any old rubbish

He can't stand adverts on TV and will feverishly flick channels in an attempt to avoid them

He has been an absolute rock for me through some difficult times

He can have a hideous temper but life as a Police Officer seems to be suiting him well in changing this tendency

He makes me laugh until I almost wet myself (almost being......well, 2 kids - what do YOU think?!)

He has expensive tastes

He has an award for bravery - pulled a woman from a burning house

He has a wife who adores him

Will stop before I go too sloppy and lose my regular readers who come here for sarcasm, self-pity and to see if my space bar is finally working


KeepinUnity said...

lol,have been reading ,not been to well myself wil post soon tc xoxoxo