Thursday, 3 July 2008

Drip drip drip

A little dripping tap of mini-annoyances turned today into 'utterly fed up and wants to win the lottery and buy a house and a beach'.

Here is not the place for me to list them, work stuff, individually I would have ridden them and thought 'bah, curses, how frustrating'. Together, one by one they totally knocked my mood and now you lot get a whiny blog (ah, but I did WARN you, in my profile!)

So, rather than enumerate them, let's give them a rough category:

Someone being horrid
Someone being forgetful
Someone being pissy and spoilt
Someone being thoughtless

2 of the items affected other people so had knock-ons, the other 2 only affected me and will have passed unnoticed by the individuals. So - they're alright then...? right?


When I am in this mood I want nothing to do with anyone other than my family. I beat myself up and think why why why why and picture myself in a little ball of ice, touching no one until it melts when I come home.

On a lighter note, although not moving away from the 'hit-Nic' theme - I am a complete monkey. Need to look into my IComLeavWe status, as stupid skim-reader I can be when rushing through something, the 'We' part of it didn't register as 'week'. Or what week. Yes, that'll be the one when we go to South Devon on hols. In a caravan. With no wireless access no doubt. Even IF DH would be overjoyed with my keeping up my blog addiction whilst away. Sooooo....I am reading tons of blogs at the moment, and commenting more than lurking, so hopefully it can be in the bank??? Please??!!


Mandy Graham (nee Pearson) said...

You DO have a fun life don't you??!! lol. Hope all is well with you and yours - fab piccie of the girls - how fast they grow!