Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunday sunday

Us girls had a fab fab fab day. DH not so good as the CURSED new car refused to start and he was late for work. Not helped of course, by me going out with the girls and him having to wait for me to get back to use my car....whoops.

Me and the girls went to church this morning. A new experience for all of us - them, well there's so many firsts when you're 2 and 3 aren't there! Me, not because I have never been to church, but never been to a church like this.

I liked it, I really did. I have tons of questions, which I guess is a good thing? Much better than yiiiiiikes, what's going oooooooon???!!! People there seemed generally very friendly (although creche lady who called the girls 'back to Grandma') SHAME ON YOU. Just kidding. No, I am not. Arggghhhh. Grandma?? Waaaaaah, I must must must sort out my hair.

Lots of people seemed swept away by their worship. I, in my logical way, am not doubting it, but am really keen to get some elaboration on what was going on. There was one spooky-ish moment, as we arrived there. I have never been to the location before so Mr SatNav took us. When he got into his 'you have reached your destination' loop I could see that the front gates, with the big 'IN' sign were locked. Great. So I whizzed up a random road to turn round. To be greeted by a sign with an arrow for the very place we were going. Coincidence...or...?

I can imagine some people that know me will have faintly raised eyebrows and a smirk on their face reading this. We're not very good at religion, and tend to lock it in a cupboard with stuff like piles medication - lots of people have it but surprisingly few feel happy to admit it.

I think the one thing I find hard to grasp with religion is this: I know a lot of people who go to church very regularly, and presumably live their lives that way - so how do such people do such nasty things? I mean really out and out needlessly vicious and spiteful acts...I know we're all human, but these people seem to have gone out of their way to be horrible.

Questioning is good, and hopefully I will start to gain some insights.

The girls had a good dance, and then played in the creche part, and then stuffed themselves with biscuits and doughnuts. Now, church with doughnuts - why didn't someone think of that before??!!!


Lindsey said...

Thats always a struggle, wondering how people can go and learn about being a good person- and then they are nasty individuals. What I try and remember is that I'm going to church for the LESSONS not the people. People are in-perfect, but what I learn at Church and what I feel at church is not in-perfect. I have to remember that almost every day.

Nic said...

Oh, Linds - it was no one there, well, not that I know of!!

Just in life, you know?

Ronda's Rants said...

Nic, I don't know if you read my blog when I got my tattoo with my daughter...really I am 50 and go to church and call myself Christian...I behaved horribly during the awful process of tattooing (not sure if THAT is a word) I swore like a drunken sailor...I was so ashamed! I honestly thought I would pray quietly while I got my little fish put on my foot. My point is...we all screw up...we just do the best we can. I hope you enjoy your new church and most importantly you find what you're looking for.Love the post.

Bugged said...

Hi Nic,

I've been wondering when I'll be brave enough to go back and join a church. It has been a really long time. Going to chuch challenges us in many ways, about what we believe about the world and new people mingling into our world. (New people that don't always have the same ideas and ways of doing, and some that are outright weird and nasty).

Best of luck with your new church endeavours!

O and I'd love to chat to you about the comment you left on my blog, please pop me a mail maritza at bugged dot co dot za


Lindsey said...

Yeah, I knew it wasn't anyone at your Church. But I encounter it all the time. People who are supposed to be so religious but are judgemental and awful to others.

smartypants said...

When I have attended church off and on in my life, I've always tried to remember that I am going there for myself and not for others (although the social aspect of church is nice some times).
thanks for visiting my blog too!
(anticipating ICLW)

Anonymous said...

I am a newER Christian than some but I have somehow become the token Christian in my circle of friends and find it stressful at times. They watch every move I make, every thing I say, anything I drink and are just waiting to pounce when I mess up. My common response is, "I'm not perfect, I'm just forgiven." That's all I know. I will never live up to the standard of life Jesus set for us which is why He came and died. He knew NONE of us could live up to that! I mean jeeze - I like a buzz now and then and have been known to gossip. I try to do better but it's hard. I would like to apologize for those "Christians" out there who gave you a bad impression of us. I hope you continue to enjoy your church experience and if, for some reason, this ends up not being a fit for you and your family don't write off religion all together. There is a fit for you out there. Enjoy the grace - it's so freeing!

RM said...

Hi Nic! I finally had a moment to come over and read your blog, front to back- all the background! So glad I did, and thanks for all the encouraging comments on mine! I would love to ask you some questions about your clotting stuff during pregnancy if you're ever willing to revisit it! xo

Heather J. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your experience at the church. It can be really difficult finding a place where you feel comfortable, you're learning new things, and where there are great people - in many cases it seems like it takes "cosmic alignment" to get it right (hmm, does that go with a church post?!). But there are great and wonderful things to be learned in a good church, and I do hope you find one!

dropping by for ICLW