Friday, 1 August 2008

Today stuff

...fab work day with my cunning plan for my development lesson working out. Always nice when your idea of where people should be going comes into their own heads without obvious prompting. There's going to be a lot of happy trainee detectives out there!

...definitely not so fab when an intended accolade is interpreted as an insult...did I write it wrong, is the person just looking for negatives, am I over-analysing, should I be pre-editing more? Should I hang onto what was in my head when I wrote, or take the hit (and blame) from what they read?

...Fab when you make/consolidate a new friendship. After several attempts on both sides, am making a link with a neighbour. Good signs are red wine, yeast infections and spiders (some of topics of convo last night)

Not so fab when a hurty pain that's been hanging around really REALLY gets going and you feel a dreaded trip to an NHS doc might be in order, and you go to said doc and as expected it was a pat on the head and some antibiotics. Sigh.

FAB FAB FAB when a gorgeous mate tells you she's pregnant after her 11th IVF. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER. About 4 IVFs ago she lost twin boys, Ben and Sam, at 18w. I can't tell you just how ecstatic I am for her and her husband, honestly.

Fab fab fab Florence did a weee wee on the loo tonight

Hideous just how emotional my girls get about the whole loo thing when they're learning. Alice only got the poo on the loo thing by me bodily grabbing her when I saw 'POO FACE' drains SO much of my energy. I read over a fair few of my old blogs last night, and they even made me laugh (for someone who admittedly only needs an odd pic or phrase for a giggle....) My blogs were so much more creative and DAMN FUNNY when I was off with the girls...

So, do I feel happier mocking myself and my family? workmates - can I mock? please? it's in the interestes of an entertaining blog, come on...right now, I don't really have any lady stuff going on to share, and make you squeal at my discomfort...

I could historically talk about Mr Pokey, the medically certified dildo, which is allowed in IVF, not only that, is often adminstered by females, duraglyde provided, as well as condom...

or perhaps the joys working around ovulation brings?

Or why men don't get 'we're done TTC, I find sleep attractive, please lower your expectations...and THAT'

Or maybe IVF pregnancy, what not to read

IVF pregnancy, what I wish I had read

Pregnancy - it could be you too

Miscarriage - the Best end to friendships

'You're only as good as the last beta/U/S' or My life in 10 scary months'

How to make everyone happy?

Too dogged to blog?


Ronda's Rants said...

I wished you would give me a devlopment plan! I need to lose 10 pounds, finish a ton of paperwork and clean my god-for-saking house!
I am sure it wasn't you BTW, sometimes some people can't take constructive criticsm or encouragement! Enjoy your weekend!
PS The water splashing up has concealed my big butt in the picture! TEE HEE

Dee.. said...

work drains alot of me too! Then, I was reading the email from 'Just Me' and she cracks me up so much. I was laughing in my office.
when DH moves to Hongkong, maybe I will quit my job and rest rest rest....
am very glad ur friend is pregnant after so many attempts of IVF. We chinese believe in keeping your womb 'warm' and pregnant ladies seldom drink ice cold beer and water. Tell that to your friend. Get her to drink more warm water.

KeepinUnity said...

I thought your awards was well kool.i wish i could figure out how to giv sum outmyself lol,mind u i only have 3 bloggers in my little world lolol.No1 ever givee me anything much n i was soooooo very pleased you thought of me for one,amazing your freind being pg after all them ivfs i dunno how she had the strenght to even do so many!congratsx