Sunday, 3 August 2008

Hack hack splutter haaack

I have a summer cold, oh joy, oh me.

As this song goes...woke up this morning, feeling (crap) knew something dah di dah CRAAAAP.

Bunged up nose, tight chest which has the exciting promise of being a super DH-bugging cough and general blahness. With a nice side-order of that 'Colitis/Schmolitis' tummy pain flooring me in the shower, watched with interest by 2 random toddlers taking it in turns to ask 'why you on floor, Mummy'.

What did we do today? Well, OBVIOUSLY I walked around like a dying duck in a thunderstorm. Florence started potty training, which at the moment seems to consist of 47 visits to the loo, choice of toddler seat, knickers down, selecting a book, back off, knickers on....

Number 48 is a POST wee visit. So we get the wet floor/clothes...but no loo request!

Yeah, don't I just love it. And no cheating allowed, oh no, Florence keeps me on the straight and narrow and resists any gentle suggestions for a nappy, just for a little while.

Well, she resists, when she's not eating cat biscuits, that is. Yes, she came upstairs to me with a brown, crumby mouth and announced no, she wasn't eating her chocolate (high fibre...sssshhh) cheerios but cat biscuits. Frankly, I am beyond worrying. Alice had cat food when she was younger. Twice. I am kinda with Florence, at least trying the food, that's just dirty.

Alice shockingly picked a coordinated outfit today. You're probably picking up on the slightly laissez-faire attitude from today. Admittedly, the outfit was probably more suited to a Royal Garden Party, or toddler Oscars, but colourwise she had it going on!

Well, do excuse me. I am off to sit in my own cloud of germs before retiring to leak snot onto my pillow.


KeepinUnity said...

awww poor yoou bunny hope u get sum relief soon,being ill at the toilet training n cats food x

Ronda's Rants said...

Be better soon...I am sorry!
Good luck with potty training...I bribed all three of mine with M&M's and it works...all adults and they use the bathroom every time!

Tash said...

oh dearie me poor you!! the dying duck in a thunderstorm sounds very apt!! Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Shame honey! Hope you feel better soon! HUGS!!!

Nic said...

Thank you all,

crisis over. I will live.

(and stop feeling sorry for myself!) xxx