Saturday, 23 August 2008


Today I had a bright idea.

Says me to DH 'I know, why don't we take advantage of the one good day's weather this long weekend, bin the grocery shop, bin the new carseat hunt, and go to Legoland'

Without any deeper thinking. That maybe, just maybe, the rest of the country was tihnking the same thing. And maybe, just maybe the M25 would be an exercise in staring into the car of the people in the next lane, starting to smile, point at each other's kids, exchange addresses/phone numbers, and arrange to meet up on the way back.

We eventually got there. Probably about 2 hours later than anticipated. And with me desperate for an alernative phrase to 'no, we're almost there, please stop dismantling your seats/toys/each other'.

I am not saying it was overcrowded. But Legoland is in Windsor (Hi Queen) and I think we parked in Devon. Alice insisted in going in the emergency pushchair so that was fun, pushing her weight over hill and under dale, or whatever it is.

And we get in there. Well, we could have been anywhere. HOW many people. One ride. That's all we managed. One ride. Oh, and when I say 'we', I mean Alice and DH - Florence, after almost 25 minutes queuing announced she needed changing and so I went and QUEUED at the nearest babychanging. Excellent.

Luckily, the day being so dragged out and extended, the girls weren't really aware that they hadn't actually got out of it what we intended and stumbled gladly into their carseats for the very quiet (sleeping) journey back.

And we didn't meet our traffic jam buddies again. ;-)


RM said...

Oh dear. I *hate* car trips like that! And to end up not enjoying the destination is really bad. Good for you for looking on the bright side and enjoying the quiet ride home!

Ronda's Rants said...'s nice for a change of scenery even if it's just somebody's else car bumper...
still raining here...I am ready for some sunshine!

Renee said...

You had me at the spider post. I've never been to Legoland or any place like it. We won't even go to the county fair with these children until they're both at least 48 inches tall and we can figure out how to smuggle in alcohol. I'm here from ICLW, btw.

Cassandra said...

Here from ICLW...
Ugh, that sounds like the kind of outing that I hope never to have. At least the girls didn't mind the short time at Legoland; whining about not getting to go on enough rides would REALLY make it horrid!

Hope your next outing goes more smoothly.

Kristin said...

Sorry the day was a bust. I read your post about spiders. Here is a link to another IF blogger who hates spiders like you do and has found a way to get rid of them Screw You Spider Week

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what a day! But the good thing is you *made* it there... and home safe and sound :)

I believe legoland is just divine for little ones!

Nic said...

At LEASTwe didn't see any Spiders there.

Although there was something called 'Spider's Web'.

Queue too big. Luckily.

Clever Trevor said...

Wow we were going to hit Legoland last week too! I complained in my blog about Thomas Land at Drayton Manor and we managed to get on 3 things in 6 hours, so that sound pretty much a bonus compared to your trip!