Monday, 31 March 2008

Working from home

I had booked today in as a dayto work from home. Events since friday, the car and something else too distasteful to mention on a pretty blog like this gave me a re-think. I decided last night I was just in no mood to sit alone with a computer, but would be better off doing what I had planned in work.

All good, dragged me and the girls up at the crack of dawn (this clock thing sucks) got us all ready, went to take the bags out to the car. No keys. NO KEYS???!!!! Aaaaah, wonderful. DH did mention yesterday they were in his car and I never gave it another thought. Neither did he as he hared off to his first day protecting the citizens of Luton from minor shoplifting crime. Thankfully, the childminder offered to pick the girls up, as there most certainly would not have been 'working' from home: I can't and I wont 'work' while the girls are around, only go online when they're asleep. But I have made good progress and this is my teabreak/lunch.

The bleed is back!!!! noooooo!!! Not much, but the fact that I woke up with period pain doesn't bode well....just over a week virtually free. Good job DH exercised his...marital rights that's it...over an undefined period at the weekend, or no doubt he'd be saying in 3 months time 'God, you've been bleeding for over a week now, that's ages' like he did last time - AFTER 3 WEEKS. I know we're no longer at naked-under-a-coat and leaping off the wardrobe stage, but blimey, 3 weeks and he doesn't notice. I will blame his law exam.

Welcome to my friend Sian. Looking forward to your blogs, I have a feeling I am going to be laughing a lot.


Anonymous said...

Did you figure out how to get a feed to the blog so I know when you've updated? I wish I could figure that out. You are more savy than I so if you figure it out write it down in kindergarten steps so I can follow! Hope you had a nice day !