Friday, 21 March 2008

Uh oh....I am on!

How bizarre, I feel under the spotlight here. I am no blog virgin, but this feels so cold and sterile and empty at the moment!!

Ok, I am just going to pretend it isn't new, and I have lived here ages. No preamble, you'll just have to get to know us as I go along - introductions are so formal and uuuurgghhhhhh.

Today - weather pants to middling. DH entered conciousness in twat-mode so that didn't bode well for the day. Both girls still sporting their stylish sticky red-eyed look, and flailing like 53 slippery octopi when you try to pt the drops in. Yes - conjuntivitis, our first trip to this little resort and I will be quite happy if it is our last. Tonight I managed to lose Florence's little bottle of liquid pain between putting her and Alice to bed. It's hardly Buckingham Palace dimensions here, so I have no idea how it's managed to spirit itself away. I think Harry ate it out of spite.

Easter, if we had the time and children old enough to have an attention span of longer than 10 minutes we might well indulge in some easter religion or festivities. However, the weather bodes worse and worse, and all our plans for theme parks full of other desperate parents are flying across the garden, over the fence and away with the strong winds.

My marathon bleed continues. 23 days now. Delightful. I am sure it is working on stopping, it's barely there now, but has succeeded in getting me into the doctor's next week for a good grope etc (crook, hook and look as we used to say in weapons training in the air force ;-) ). Definition of Prolonged Vaginal Bleeding=long lasting excuse for bedroom shenanigans.

Rant of the day: Why can't you ever get a straight answer from internet medical searches? Contradictory, vague, fluffy....repetitive, word-for-word....don't call it a new bit of info - it isn't, it's the same as 10 other pages. Actually, these websites do a superb definition of a real doc. Thye just need to make themselves a little harder to get hold of, and only allow you on the site for 3 mins.