Thursday, 27 March 2008

Night Nurse, you're sacked

The best laid plans of Bunnies invariably go tits-up. Careful, obsessive, meticulous scheduling of cold medication in my oh-so-virgo perfectionist way went the way of all things over-rehearsed - wrong.

I planned it so I could have Night Nurse for around bedtime, thus obviously guaranteeing a blissful, restful slide into dreamland to wake refreshed and glorious the next morning. Alternatively, you can lie awake tossing and turning, muttering peculiar threats to DH just because he's sodding asleep and you're not. Until 3am. WONDERFUL, I bet I will feel fab tomorrow.

I actually wasn't too bad, probably in shock. It's been so long now with disturbed sleep it's almost a given. Cracking day at work, I really ramped it up and got tons and tons done, and better still have a day working from home on Monday (not with girls - my work and them being in the same building are completely incompatible) but it means I can get loads done AND pick them up early.

Alice has such an imagination, I could listen to her for hours, some of her weird little ideas, and she's already got the english toilet-humour obsession and says she'll poo on me, I of course laugh like a drain. Florence says everything is a 'mermaid one'. Her speech is amazing, it is true, the close sibling age thing. Our journeys in the car are really, really brilliant. I do the driving (really?! not Florence?) and they yap their heads of to me. After a day spent being a grown-up and talking 'personal development' 'assessment strategy' 'implementation policy' I love gabbling about the fairy houses, and princesses in the woods and of course 'mermaid ones'

I am making a concious effort to move myself past yesterday's mood. That's being helped by confirmation that I have indeed been set to 'appear offline to .....' permanantly, and it has triggered the next stage of mourning - anger!! Which is a kind of closure. At least, to stop persuing a happy conclusion saves some energy. In usual Bunny fashion, if something like this happens I very quickly and efficiently remove all traces of that person from my life. That is now awork in progress.


KeepinUnity said...

I wanna b mermaid one!!!!hugsxo