Sunday, 30 March 2008

Such a beautiful day

Glory be! We were finally blessed with a warm, springlike, sunny day. The tulips I planted at the front are starting to push through the ground, and there's shoots coming on the clematis.

After a swift whizz around Tesco we went off to some woods near us, where there's a large lake full of wildfowl. Took some bread for them, and a picnic for us. I can't tell you how gorgeous it was, amazingly already there were tons of butterflies, I hope the weather doesn't go freezing again. The girls had a whale of a time charging after the ducks, Florence in hysterics at every quack or duck that took her bread, Alice very fairly sharing out to all she could see (Florence didn't mind which one she fed, it was just funny!).

Alice has developed a new habit. I don't know if you know the Peppa Pig series - her and Florence love it. Well, we get to the checkout at the supermarket and Alice introduces me to the checkout girl. In a very clear, loud voice she says 'and this is Mummy Pig' pointing at me. Silence. The checkout girl erupted in giggles (she, I fear was of an age to possibly not yet have had the joys of Peppa Pig) I MADE Alice introduce 'Daddy Pig' and the checkout girl asked her who she was 'Oh, I am the big scary spider'. Fine. I may not be exactly sylphlike, but I like to think, apart from pale eyelashes, me and old Mummy Pig don't have that much in common. Different clothes to start with. Alice has since called me it all day.

Thank you. Hmmm!


KeepinUnity said...

peppa pig rocks!!!!!!snort snorrrrt

Anonymous said...

wow it must be much warmer there than here.. Jealous! sounds like a super fun family bonding day! talk soon mama pig!