Sunday, 23 March 2008

Let it snow

Easter Sunday greeted us with beautiful falling snow. Both girls were facinated, snow isn't a regular occurrance in the UK. Despite being such a weather-obsessed little island, we're remarkably crap at handling it. DH and I adore listening to our little local radio station, where the discuss gardening tips, ongoing complaints with various companies and every sunday they run a 'scavenger hunt' - driving around local obscure hamlets, following clues. Well, hold the press! Today it wasn't on because of the 'treacherous' 1/2 inch of snow. The snow, however, was discussed at great length, with almost every little village you could think of calling in, like something out of the blitz. It's things like this make me love my England, and able to withstand the hideous fuel prices, mad work ethic, weird attitude to patriotism oh and did I mention WEATHER?!

Us girls had a little play in it - this in fact entailed mother rolling around the garden building an oddly-deformed snowman, being watched and dictated to in stereo by my princesses. There was a bit of a mad scramble to make a face, as Alice was so keen to point out CONSTANTLY. Eventually I came up with the brainwave of using nuts - hmmmm, walnuts and almonds to be precise. The minute I turned my back the fiends scoffed the lot - it was bad enough that poor snowman was a bit of a Picasso chappy (yes, Alice and Florence did the face) but to then lose it altogether - no wonder the poor chap collapsed in a heap by the time we came in from a little trip out! DH of course filmed us - from inside!!

One more day of play then it's off to the wonderful murder squad to go through another gut-wrenching file!! Oh, my job has its highlights! Another highlight this week being - gulp - monket check. Whilst the marathon bleed has abated, the constant pain in side goes on. Swabs, smears and exams, oh my. Let's hope it stops there and there aren't any nasty surprises awaiting me, I am so very done with doctors after infertility/IVF.


Anonymous said...

Welcome! Now you will have to teach me how to ' do ' my page! Gina

Lindsey said...

YAY! Love that you have a page now- and its super cute. XOXO