Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Reasons for cheating on a diet

1. I have a cold

2. I have a cold coming

3. I have had a cold and haven't eaten more than 20 calories in a week

4. I didn't eat all day, so scoffing the contents of the fridge like a rabid buffalo just makes up for what I missed all day

5. I cleaned the oven, and everyone knows that burns approximately 33 million calories

6. I am depressed

7. I am happy

8. I have AF/coming

9. I am pregnant

10. I *might* be pregnant

11. I just gave birth

12. I can't get pregnant

13. I was pregnant and now the kids are driving me insane

14. It's cold

15. It's REALLY cold

16. It's the weekend

17. One night/day/week/month/year can't hurt

18. It'll restart my metabolism

19. You have to eat chocolate whilst reading/watching tv/a movie/paint dry

20. DH and I fought/made up

21. If I load up with celery it'll actually completely counteract what I eat

22. I lost 12lb (2lb) last week, so a little less this week wont hurt

23. My body obviously needs it (yes, those spare tyres are looking peaky)

24. Who diets over christmas/new year/easter/valentines/mothers day/St Patricks/my Great Aunt Bessie, twice removed's birthday?

25. I already cheated so another 6 bags of chips/chocolates/53 cakes aren't going to make any difference.

Well, it works for me ;-)


KeepinUnity said...

HEY bunny ive moved over now,hugs to uxoxoxo havnet got a clue how to add or whatever u do on here eeek

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