Saturday, 29 March 2008


That's what we played today. Luckily the weather was do-able, and first thing DH said let's take advantage and take the girls somewhere, as Easter weather was such a disaster.

We went to a place called Gulliver's Land. It's I suppose a theme park, but on an extremely small scale, and mostly aimed at little ones. We were a bit concerned as to how the day would go when Florence, immediately upon seeing the 'elephant' (person dressed up as an elephant in a ballet dress) completely lost it and was petrified. Poor little mite clung to me so hard for about 45 minutes and kept her head tucked in, like a little animal. DH and Alice set-to going on all the rides they could, whilst I sat and soothed my sweet little monkey. I could hear murmered answers to my 'are you oks' and just stroked her hair. After a bit DH took over and she slowly came round and started taking an interest in things.

Both girls had a fab time, and we did too. The weather gradually deteriorated, but we coped in traditional Dunkirk spirit, and braved the wind. DH over-reached Alice a little, taking her on this mad boat ride, which I am SO glad to say, Florence was too small for, so it got me out of it. It was one of the more 'grown-up' things there and from the get-go Alice hated it. DH held onto her tight, and she was ok, but hasn't stopped talking about it! Florence hasn't stopped telling us she didn't like the elephant!

A slightly low end point was that some tosser had hit our car in the car park, dented and scraped passenger door as well as one behind it. Oh, and didn't bother to leave contact details. The car's a week old. 300 miles on the clock. We're trying to be philosophical about it, and thanking our lucky stars that it wasn't a real prang, with girls in the car, but some people make you sick, don't they?


KeepinUnity said...

So pleased u got a niceday trip,and yes the weather was abit terrible!!!we had the opposite happen to us once with a car,where sumone left a note on saying we pranged theres!!!!when we never ,must have been the person in the slot before us,some folk have no manners!!!!

Lindsey said...

Hey sweets, sounds like a lovely day! Poor Florrie sounds a lot like Carson, a bit timid and takes a while to get over things. Anyway, I just love that you have a blog- and we'll always be friends, ALWAYS!

Lindsey said...

Ahhhh, I just had a big long comment and it didn't post. Grrr. Anyway, Florrie sounds a lot like Carson in the timid respect. If he could be permanently attached to me- he would be. I miss you and hope your doing well and please know we'll ALWAYS be good friends. XoXo

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun day! Sorry about the car.