Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Stories, sleep and sick

Not the best of bedtimes here tonight. After a wonderful, happy, funny teatime and bathtime things went rapidly downhill, starting with the expected onslaught of crying from Florence. She seems to have hit another separation anxiety moment and it's the worst so far. Apart from the huuuge clinginess she's displaying currently, we now have a big battle at bedtime with her grabbing me and not wanting me to leave. I am a far braver Mummy now, made of sterner stuff than the old days of collapsing in tears and giving up after 5 minutes. So I ignored the first burst and left her for a while, went back in and she was contrite and asking for milk - which I gave her.

Now it's the vomiting part. Bed stripped, Florence stripped, Mo-Mo the monkey and his vomity face unceremoniously flung down the stairs. 2 more baths, one for rinsing chunks, the next for full scrub and hairwash. Bless her, Alice was a star! She sat on her bed cuddling Florence while I got new bedding etc. out. Then another 45 mins of on-off crying. Oh, add in Alice's 24 loo trips too! All is silent now, and I think (hope) Florrie is ok, she didn't feel hot and was chatting well enough when I read to her, had a teeny bit more milk (and kept it down). Watch this space.

A vile, boring but necessary day of verifying today. My most unfavourite job. I like the assessor support/development side of being a verifier but HATE sampling, well, the qualification I looked at today I do. I think my other ones have spoilt me, I just don't enjoy the run-of-the-mill stuff any more.

The other point of interest today. I neglected to set the alarm last night. With DH on his fledgling footsteps as a PROTECTOR OF OUR PEACE (not that I mock him, oh no, not me) it was possibly one of the worst days I could pick to do it. I might aim for a Court date next time. I blame the clock change - I actually woke up at my 'normal' time, which would've meant he'd have been ok, but for those pesky kids in Govt making up move the clocks an hour forward. He did his first suspect interview today, I am so proud! Wish I could hear the tape of him doing the caution....awwww. Not like mine 'Tell us everything or we'll blow your kneecaps off'.

The bleeding's getting worse. DH is REALLY not gonna believe me when I tell him it's here again. He isn't the most au-fait with lady-stuff but even he knowsit isn't meant to be a constant state. Does this count as abnormal? He (Il Doctore) said come back if there is any more abnormal bleeding. I might ask for a sex change. That'll sort it. Not extreme at all. Will tell DH he needs to turn gay.


Lindsey said...

Blow your kneecaps off. LMAO.

KeepinUnity said...

ya need to get back asap to the doc!!!!!!!hugs keepx

Anonymous said...

oh no she's puking! I hope all is well and healthy and happy come morning:) Don't over sleep!