Friday, 4 April 2008


We had to take the car for its estimate today, and after having woken up in a murder scene again (ok trying to paint a picture here!) I thought I might as well try to get in at the docs.

So, set up blood tests for menopause...MENOPAUSE...I am 40!!! not 50! no words of concern, comfort, just coldly ordered the blood tests, said depending on them they'll remove the implanon oh and you probably have an ovarian cyst..have some mefanamic acid.

No scan, NO bedside manner, in and out in 5 mins with possibly life-changing news. The swabs had come back clear, they're still waiting for the smear, but I am stunned I may have managed to have my kids in a far smaller window than I ever imagined - bear in mind I had an undiagnosed thyroid problem up until 2002, and then it took another 2 years to find the immune stuff. Presumably the name f the game is either you get bored with going back so they don't need to solve anything, or you keep on and finally you get somewhere and force them to spend some money.

So far, so good with Florence. I let her have her late feed, she started crying straight after it, lasted about 5 minutes. Bedtime tonight was about 30 seconds!


KeepinUnity said...

nhs is very crap indeed!!!!u have to fight for everything and when your ill...well can you be bothered....glad the little one went down better tonight xoxo

Anonymous said...

Menopause ?????.. keep me posted!