Wednesday, 2 April 2008

There may be trouble ahead...

Just when you think you have everything sussed..something changes. Over the last few days Florence has been showing big signs of separation anxiety. Last night, as I blogged yesterday was not good. Unfortunately tonight was a repeat.
The good news is, Florence ISN'T poorly. She was fine in the morning, and all day. The bad news, of course, is that bedtimes are something to once again dread. Somehow I need to work out how to keep her calm-ish, NOT give any milk until I can go in with her and sit and settle her, whilst also getting Alice to go to bed without running around like a lunatic. Florence eventually settled with me sat next to her cot, and slowly creeping backwards out (this gradual retreat has worked before when bedtimes have become difficult).
They certainly keep you on your toes. Any logistics suggestions very welcome!


Anonymous said...

Ok maybe it has something to do with the time change. Not really ready for sleep so she goes a little crazy? Maybe less of a nap or an earlier nap so that bedtime may go easier? Only other thing I can think of is push back bedtime half an hour and a little more fresh air to even out the time change thing.

KeepinUnity said...

eeeek i really dont know what to suggest,not experienced in this area atall,hope its just a phase and she gets over it ...soon!xox