Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Is there more to life than this?!!! Have I got it wrong?!

0600 - up, get me ready

0615 - go prepare b/fast, feed yowling cat, check BlackBerry for days appts

0700 - girls up, wash, chase and dress, try to stuff b/fast down

0745 - girls and me into car (me driving seat, if I am lucky) and drop off at Sam's

0830 - Arrive at work and catch up on sodding 35 emails sent since I left at 4 yesterday

0845 - 1st appt of the day - Student from 6m ago hasn't used what he learnt so go over it all again (I should just turn on dictaphone)

0945 - Ring local college to research funding for Teacher Training degree for our staff, report back to boss lady, prepare report, collate figures for Diversity qual, start work on Lesson plan QA sampling (boring)

1050 - inhale toast, no time for coffee, ring IT to sort stupid internet

1105 - Go to Traffic Police to assess the boss on Diversity. The have strategy meeting on how to roll it out on her area. The discuss progression of Investigation qualification with another person.

1230 - Arrive back at HQ, eat lunch with girls, come up with new 'Mission Statement 'Don't ignore us, we'll ignore you'. Like it, good one Sian.

1250 - Continue work on QA boring McBoring plan. Insert myself stupidly into a political firestorm over website maintenance.

1400 - Nice, positive, proactive student arrives. Oh no, I am dreaming. Work hard with overcoming 'learning barriers' UGH.

1500 - Read a delightful fallout email on the website saga. Have chat with member of staff over her work worries/issues.

1550 - Ask colleague for advice/vent on firestorm

1600 - Drive to childminders

1640 - Insert hysterical, tired Alice and hysterical, copying Florence into car. Drive home to screaming, accompanied by 'Scandalous'.

1700 - Cook garlic chicken, potatoes, carrots and peas/read gas and electric meters/put a wash in/empty drier of books (? books? ok, Florence, thanks), put dry washing into ironing pile, other away.

1730 - Eat dinner/wash up/prepare DHs lunch for tomorrow

1830 - upstairs, get girls clothes ready for morning, tidy their rooms, run bath, get changed

1900 - bath girls

1920 - lovely lovely stories and cuddles

1945 - downstairs, start ironing

2030 - clean kitchen

2100 - Sit! DH comes home.

2300 - blog! bloody idiot!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a loooong day :) Huggs