Thursday, 3 April 2008

Only the tired and the brave

Young Florrie kicked off again last night. She first of all woke for some milk, gulped it, went quiet for 10 mins then it started....she'd had 8oz, but kept asking for more. There was NO way I fancied doing the complete bed/room clean and 2 baths to clean up sick so I refused...and refused. She just got more and more angry, and DH (BLESS HIM) gave me a huge cuddle and said 'we're going to get through this, it's time to knock this whole milk deal on the head' So I checked her once more (sent her to a new pitch of fury) and went back to bed to cuddle up and hope for her to stop. I think it took about 45 mins, with some sporadic calls for me afterwards for about an hour...but she eventually gave in.

Tonight, there was NO sick (so far please, please) as once she'd had a decent amount of milk I refused her any more and left the room. Alice, bless her (she is getting so good and grown-up) had her story through full-on screaming then suddenly it just stopped. Of course, glass-half-empty me immediately worried that something had happened, but a quiet listen at her door reassured me she had in fact just gone to sleep.

I think Gina, you're right, some of it is certainly to do with the time change. If nothing else it's far too coincidental for it to have kicked off now. I also think this milk thing is firmly in the middle of it - she does use it as a ploy to get me. Sooooo....tonight is the real test. We're going to refuse her ANY milk. It's time for it to go. I am praying that last night started teaching her we're being firm now, and hoping desperately that the relatively easy bedtime shows that indeed some of it is starting to make sense.

But, apart from the fact that we may well have a very long night ahead, I am completely chinstrapped and am going to have a VERY early night.

Wish us luck!