Friday, 18 April 2008

Stay on the ball!!

Sorry long time no blog!

What's been happening (and this will be a whistle stop tour as you can see what time it is and I am bushed!)

In the last blah weeks we've been...

Working on sorting out Florence's seeming lack of comprehension that nighttime is for sleeping, not for demanding anything she can think of: (this is not an exhaustive list: dummy, mo-mo the monkey, Scooby Doo, Alice, me, DH, the little boy from daycare, a McDonalds, milk - had to be in there - sweets, crisps, sausage rolls and FiFi the Flowertot)

At Alice's suggestion giving her dummies to the fairies. Oh and would we kindly ask for them back 24 hrs later. Hmmmmmm.

Falling off the diet wagon so hard I despair of ever getting back on

Having blood tests for menopause - Yippee, the end is nigh! :-P

Welcoming my parents back to the UK after they went and spent some time in their place in Spain, lucky gits.

Admiring DH making his first arrests and doing interviews and OOOH lots of Policey stuff

Another bit of news I can't mention yet (alright, I discovered my Mum is the Queen of England)

Going on playdates with girls from work and their lovely children - my, there is a world away from Yahoo 360, who would have thought it!

Trying to find a ballet class for Alice that is on a Saturday - seemingly impossible at the moment, they're all either at what is teatime for my girls (and believe me they're ravenous by then!) or weekday mornings....which I can't do. Very odd, things have changed because I know I used to go to ballet on a Saturday morning.

Alice is giving up naps, and not enjoying it - well, playing in the garden all afternoon she loves, but by 4-5pm she's as miserable as sin, hopefully she'll adjust soon, I feel for her, I really do.

I started a Management Diploma. Obviously it's a homework deal (isn't it always!) but is very interesting, I am managing (geddit?!) to do a bit each week, and luckily work match the hours you put in 50% so you do get some time back. Oh, and they're paying too.

So that's our however long in a nutshell!


KeepinUnity said...

Good to c u back ,will post tomrra myselfxox still like the thought of being a mermaid one ...but dummy mo mo the monkey well....hes sounds fab!!!!!!