Monday, 30 June 2008


All is well. Florence started thedayin the same state as yesterday, completely refusing to put any weight on her right leg. She did a weird kind of leopard crawl out of her bedroom to come and have a nosy, but that was it.

By lunchtime you wouldn't know anything had happened. I am so relieved.

Being a bit of a worrier (really?!) this of course just reinforces all my irrational fears - naturally, her falling when playing obviously WASN'T on my list of things to panic about, as it wouldn't have happened if I had worried about it. I have some weird logic going which says: if you keep it on your worry rader it can't happen.

This clearly doesn't make for a fun-filled time, and certainly does me no good. And deep down, yes, I know it doesn't really protect us from anything. But I can run down my list of 'life disasters' and without exception the things that happened just hadn't occurred to me: 4 years start to finish for baby #1? Nope, hadn't thought of that. Pre eclampsia? who? Dad being rushed into hospital with a rotting gall bladder? you're kidding, right? and many more, as they say for CD compilations.

So, what to do? How can I worry about everything? Should I? Part of me knows that this is physically impossible whilst still functioning as a human being...that way lies madness. But letting go of the worries I do have just seems so reckless, to be inviting trouble.

Florence, despite her injury has been full of humour. And appears to have discovered a new trick. She's started blaming her toys for her own misdemenours. So, tonight, Macca-Pacca was a very naughty boy and made lots of noise and messed up Florence's bed after she was supposedly settled for the night. Macca-Pacca was also playing with Fi-Fi and making her go 'night night, time for bed' about 53 times. I will be having a quiet word with Macca-Pacca and he may well lose some priviledges (#1 being fiddling with Fi-Fi). Alice's toys, I am pleased to say, are perfect angels and Alice admits to any crime readily, although we do get a bit of a 'no comment' interview sometimes when she's cross.


Kim said...

Your girls are adorable! The worrying is so hard. I thought the worrying during pg was hard, but it seems like nothing compared to having the kid in the real world! I guess, like most things in life, you have no control over some things and you just do what you can and hope for the best!

Nic said...

Ain't that the truth!!! Would be nice to control the worrying though!