Friday, 20 June 2008

It's funny...

How a cat will quickly adjust to sneaking upstairs to sleep cos Daddy's on nights

How much a little dot of a 2-year old can eat when she feels like it, oink oink

How instantly children know sweets, crisps and chocolate are NICE

How vile ironing is, no matter how much or little you do it

How a man being on a night shift is waaaaaay more tiring than a woman getting up at 6 and working through till 5 is

How helping one person in trouble can make you feel so good

How one person can spoil something you've enjoyed for years, even if they're not around any more

How easily you can confirm someone is lying to you

How you'll never confront them with it

How gorgeous clean sheets are

How, now the tradional practice of sleeping at night is re-established, you wonder how on earth you got through 3 years on no more than 3 hours unbroken sleep at a time

How wonderful it is to sit cuddled up with DH and watch the girls doing 'ballet'

How your little girl drawing you with 4 eyes is a compliment

How much a week in a caravan sounds idyllic after 4 years without a holiday

How people is the UK are coping with the rocketing fuel prices (£1.21 a litre now)

How much my little ladies adore spaghetti bolegnaise

How much a haircut revives you

How much outside problems make you realise how much you love your family

How good friends can be really busy people but pick up as soon as they can and carry on like there was no gap (My little Fagglet)

How long chicken pox spots take to go!

How, no matter what, chocolate always does it