Saturday, 14 June 2008

A fab day

It really has been.

DH finally has a weekend off and we've really enjoyed being with the girls together, and re-connecting as a couple.

Shopping this morning, the girls were so well-behaved, Alice 'helpfully' selecting things, but quite happily replacing them (there's only so many parsnips Mummy can cook for a Sunday Lunch), and Florence sucking an entire satsuma to death.

We then went for a walk, and to feed some ducks. The ducks were lovely as usual, but suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by a huge crowd of HUGE geese. I am very scared of geese, but mummy instincts over-rode that, and within no time at all me and the girls were merrily hissing at them and trying to scare them away. The walk was along a beautiful trickling brook, bordered by very high grass and wildflowers. The girls looked like something from Swallows and Amazons, Florence brandishing a stick and whacking away at anything she could and Alice picking buttercups. DH and I wandered behind them holding hands in the sunshine.

After this we went to the little pub around the corner from us, there's a lovely play area for little ones and the food is really good. We all had huge doorstep sandwiches with some chippies. Home for a snooze for all, and then we played together all afternoon (as well as managing to get some cooking done for the next week!)

DH is out now, getting us a pizza, and I feel so relaxed, happy and content. Happy, happy, happy xxxxxx


KeepinUnity said...

sounds like heaven,xoxo

Anonymous said...

what a great family day :)