Sunday, 29 June 2008

No funny blog today

A fun playdate ended rather suddenly with Florence screaming in agony. There was some rough and tumble, and my friend and I had just popped in the kitchen for 5 seconds when it happened, so we're not too sure what actually went on.

But it was a swift packing of a bag with snacks, and off to A and E to get her checked out. She can't bear weight on it, and REALLY cries if she tries. The x-ray was inconclusive, as apparently on toddlers a fracture quite often doesn't show up right away, only when some healing starts.

Iam very sad, my poor little girl, she's happy enough sitting, as long as you're bringing her stuff but gets so upset when she tries to walk.

Her and Alice have gone to bed grubby, tired and very late. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Anonymous said...

oh no! Both my kids hurt themselves and wouldn't walk when they were smaller. I think if they have any pain at all they just won't walk. Hopefully in morning she will forget all about it and run all over. Huggs

Lindsey said...

Yeah, I have had similar experiences (but both with arms, while crawling.) After a day (after a trip to the ER for x-rays.. of course) they went back to crawling like their happy normal selves. Let us know how she does today!!