Monday, 16 June 2008

Did I mention...

DH was in a car crash. Yes, he's ok, thank heavens. This actually happened 2 weeks ago...I woke up at 5am and realised DH hadn't arrived home from a supposed 3am finish of his night shift. I tried really hard to not think bad things, and just laid in bed, hoping he was just stuck in Custody with some scummo, or doing paperwork, or one of the 1001 things that keep a Police Officer away from those he loves. I hear the gate go at 0530, but DH doesn't arrive upstairs, so I toddle down, thankful that he's back.

Sorrowful, tired eyes look at me and he says 'go and look at the car'. Well, the back bumper is totalled - get this: only 5 days after we got it back from repairs from when the delightful idiot scraped the passenger doors an age ago!!! DH was ok, think he suffered a minor whiplash (debating persuing it legally) and shook up. I sent him to casualty to get checked out, and then he came in and slept for the day.

Some idiot had followed him too close and too fast and didn't bother braking for a sharp bend that DH did brake for. Slammed into the back of him. The only 'good' (?) news is the fact that this fool picked the wrong person to hit - DH was still on duty until he got home, did a few checks and it turns out the chap doesn't have insurance OR a licence. The car itself did have insurance on though (Thank God) so there is something to claim against. Scary to think if DH wasn't a policeman this bloke would've just gone on his merry way having given false details.

So, yet again we have a wrecked car, yet again it needs a week at the bodyshop. We're definitely NOT enjoying our new car so far, but with fuel rocketing the way it is here, just relieved we're not paying the guzzly costs of running the 4x4.

Our marriage isn't perfect by a long shot, but thank you Lord for keeping him as safe as you could.


KeepinUnity said...

i would def cailm for whiplash even if he feels its not too bad now,happened to me with my shoulder n neck,i regrett now not claiming as its bit me in the ass and 4years on its a constant pain n ass n since learning how to drive with all this bloody lookin over shoulders ect agony!!!hope u r well missin ya xoxox

Anonymous said...

oh goodness, that's not good luck at all. Glad dh is okay and the guy will get punished for this. What a crapper!