Thursday, 26 June 2008


I held a v near newborn today. Actually, I had him sleeping on my shoulder for an hour. Popped in to see a friend and her little boy, Leyton. What a darling! and how small are they?! Little tinker, he definitely likes a sleep on a person!

I am on my knees tonight. DH has been on late shifts all week, not finishing until at least midnight, not getting home until 1230 earliest and last night was a wowzer....I woke at 2am to just hear the tail end of a text message 'all fine, v busy'.....back to sleep. Awake at DH, go down and try to phone reply...managed to get back to sleep and he arrives in just as I am getting up at 0630.

I just can't settle when he isn't here....the crash, the thought of what *could* happen to any police officer on duty. I need to adjust, and soon! For a professional worrier I have a man in the wrong job. He's home tonight, and even him watching bloody football doesn't bother me, just lovely to have him here, in fact the football makes him even more present!

Sorry blog a bit blah tonight, I plead uber-knackered and promise to do better tomorrow.

Nice to see people visiting, thank you. If I don't fall asleep and dribble onto my keyboard I will be 'going out' tonight ;-)


Anonymous said...

hugggs I like to worry too. you will get used to it.