Saturday, 6 September 2008

Gardening Toddler-style

Oh dear. I had another one of those bright ideas this morning. See, this is what happens when I am home from work too much.

The day promised dismal cloud, showers and blustery wind. Even dim me knew that trying to stay in and avoid it would be a recipe for lunacy, initially of the mad-playing-screaming-wrecking variety from my 2 quiet, shy, retiring flowers, and then the full-on get that nice, strappy white coat variety from me.

I know, thought I, we'll plant some spring bulbs. We'll all enjoy that. Off we gaily went to our local garden centre, and once I managed to drag limpit-like Alice away from the 'press-a-button-to-hear-a-sample-of-hippy/sea/ancient chinese/meditation/just bloody weird music we made it to pick some bulbs. Here's where I clearly forgot I am a mother to 2 energetic, VERY opinionated toddlers. I buy the biiiiiiig bargan bag - loads of varieties, and visions of a Wordsworth-esque spring in my mind we head home. Lunch and a nap and we're all set.

Frist off Alice poked half-heartedly at the turf, and when a hole didn't magically open in front of her, threw a wobbler and stalked off back into the house (grumpy from nap). Florence, very earnestly and eagerly allowed me to dig a little hole which she then filled in. Again and again. After about 30 minutes (and 2 rain showers which Florence and I steadfastly ignored) Alice relented and actually became quite helpful. Then it was Florence's turn to have a paddy. Obviously I was not meant to fill the holes until we had put the whole SACK of bulbs in, as opposed to my artistic 2/3. Alice and I were going great guns by this point, me digging, her fetching bulbs, me filling and her stamping. As I dug the next hole (we're only halfway down one side of the garden at this point) I feel something sharp on one finger, and carry on. Move onto the next hole and I raise my hand to see that finger covered in blood. Wonderful. By that point boredom has set in with both girls (there's an awful lot of garden, and an awful lot of bulbs left) so all 3 of us retire hurt.

I think there's about 150 bulbs left to do. Bright ideas, someone stop me.


KeepinUnity said...

get ya asses bk out there another day lol,at least u tryed to do something productive.isnt this weather flippin miserable!!!!

Danifred said...

You get an A for effort!!! I planted a vegetable garden in the spring with our little muffin and all she wanted to do was fling dirt and dump the plants on the ground. We got them all in, amazingly.

Blog Stalker said...

Sorry for the blood! But what precious time with the kiddos. They will remember it and times like that. And so will you as they are bigger and you think back to this fun time of life.

Good luck with the rest!

theclam said...

Hmmm, you can send some of those 150 left overs to me - we're doing gardening next weekend ;)

Ronda's Rants said...

You are a good Mommy ur...Mummy!
They will remember those things forever...all the money I spent on my children and when they all talk about me it's the simple things I did with them that was important. Making pancakes together, washing the car, helping my youngest pitch for his baseball game!It is those silly times...that you think didn't quite work out...that they will remember for ever and so will you!

The Stanford Family said...

sounds like a nice girls day in the dirt! I love stuff like that! My two actually helped plant and water all summer but they don't like pulling weeds much!