Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Some people I work with are becoming accustomed to me moaning about my hair. or being called my children's grandmother. Or my DH's Mum.

In one conversation I gave a monologue about my grey sprinkling, how aging it was and how mine was happening earlier than anyone elses. I paused and looked up sorrowfully at my colleagues and said 'perhaps I should dye YOU ever dye your hair?' Their faces were incredulous, then laughing 'OF COURSE WE DO!'.

So, today I snuck into avery quiet supermarket and appropriated a pack of semi-permanant dye 'Dark Honey Blonde'. I was feeling younger and foxier just reading the packet (and naturally, looking at the 20 year old model I would of course resemble following applying the dye).

Here's the blurb:

Long-lasting, beautiful colour full of depth, dimension and shine.

Works with your tones and highlights for the most natural colour for you.

Covers grey completely, even on the most resistant grey hair.

Healthy Shine Conditioner for vital moisture and shine.

Most resistant grey?????? MOST RESISTANT GREY?????? I think bloody not. Mine have obviously been through SAS dye-resistance training because they are blithely and merrily not only unaffected, but completely unconcerned by the assault mounted on them today. DH's verdict was 'it looks darker'. But this was seeing it in our 1930's tiffany lamp lighting. And he's male. So hardly a glowing review.

As a consequence of this I have been forced into eating mode and have consumed today:

A submarine made out of french stick, salad and beef. Trident Missle carrier, I think.

A doughnut which nearly had me passing out in ecstacy.

A Jacket potato and bolegnaise sauce the size of a small, Eastern European country. I may have even seen a couple of Russian tanks loitering around the edges - that sodding stopped them - haven't had the place you'e tried to invade EATEN in front of your eyes before, have you??!!!

An obscene chocolate eclair. My mouth wanted it, my stomach is softly complaining 'enough, enough, we surrender'

And my hair is still full of pigging GREY.


KeepinUnity said...

awwwwwwwwwww dye it again lol if u can without frying it!!! or get it done at shop/home hairdresser!as for the food sounds fuckin del!!!!!x

Ronda's Rants said...

I started dyeing mine when I was about 36...I am about 50 percent grey in front nothing really in back! I would like to stop but there soesn't seem to be a graceful way to quit! I have changed my color a couple of times...Blonde last summer...currently I am dark brown which is my natural shade. It is expensive...I bitch every two weeks I go in! yes, every 2 hair grows really fast!
MY Mom is 69 and says if I don't dye my hair she'll kill me! Nice , huh?

Blog Stalker said...

i think I gained 10 pounds just reading that post. Sorry bout the grey! I have no advice cept, do what makes you feel better.

And good luck!

Lindsey said...

ahahaha. Do what your Mum said and keep at it. Eventually it will do what you want... they alllways dooo. hehehe.

Raggedy Ann said...

I think you should get it done at a hairdresser. I never really trust those things you buy in supermarkets. I always get highlights in my hair which is such a pain.

Now, off to the fridge because of this post...there goes the diet.

The Stanford Family said...

HAHAHAHAHA I would go in and have a professional look at it. I know you have SO Much time for that kinda stuff. LMAO I wanna see before and after pics.

theclam said...

Man alive, my grey always disappears when I dye my hair - but then again I don't dye my hair my own colour - I go way extreme!

Dye it again - maybe you did not leave it on long enough? Or go one shade darker?

I'm sure you're gorg and divine even with a few grey hairs ;)

Nic said...

Gina - a professional would say 'Whoooooaaaa - grey - Sebastian (there's always one called Sebastian here) go get the OLD WOMAN WHO LIVES IN A SHOE bleach. We've got us a Code GREY here'.

Professionals would fab, unfortunately, with my beast-speed growing short-hair it would mean time+money I don't have.

I am gonna just go black. Maybe people will think 'no one mature would go that colour so despite looking 64, she's gotta be only 20.'