Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Men...never cease to amaze

I had quite a day of it today.

For 2 days every month I run a training course. Not my favourite part of my job, although once I am in there, and 'on-stage' I get on a roll and get on with it.

Today's class started as usual and I was just setting them up for the icebreaker when one of the students got up and left the room with another student. I didn't think much about it, and my co-trainer colleague went out with them to check what was happening.

About 30 seconds later she reappeared saying 'Nic, he's fitting'. Well, I have been first-aid trained for about 20 years now, refreshed annually, and last year took the step to become a first aid trainer. However, in all this time I have never had to use it 'live'. Thank goodness, it all went ok, the paramedics arrived and the person is being looked after/investigated in hospital.

I felt sick afterwards. Partly to do with just being present in the fast-developing situation, the horror of it (bit silly for a first aider!) and partly I guess from adreneline from just getting on with it. We recommenced training, and the class went on as normal.

About an hour later we got a chance for a break, and I went down to my office to find a note from one of my on-going students who needed me NOW. I called, explained I was in a class but he was adamant he needed 10 minutes...so off I went.

I am on my way to his office, to perform some educational first aid, when DH calls. I try to get him off the phone, and say I will call back.

When I do get a chance to call him I relate how my day has gone so far....He briefly pauses to go 'wow' and the next words are 'what shall I get the girls for dinner?'

Needless to say he has been packed off tonight to pump my tyres, fill up car with petrol and get me something fatty and delicious for dinner.

Men!! HUH!


Ronda's Rants said...

I work in Construction...so don't get me started about men! You can't live with them and you can't bury them in the back yard (first place the authorites would look!)I also work with my Hubby and two sons and God I love em all but some days I could do bodily harm! We once had a guy have a heart attack on a job site and die...we have never in all of our lives felt so helpless so now we are all CPR certified and First Aid certified. I just never want to stand there and not know what to do again.I have used it twice since then. I am glad you were there for everybody...including DH and the girls! I hope you enjoyed whatever treat he brought home. Glad you feeling better!

Bugged said...

The male species never cease to amaze me...in an apprehensive kinda amazement...

Well done with dealing so well with the situation!

Anonymous said...

wow girl good job! Way to go DH for picking up some slack!

seriously? said...

Good job on the first aid! I am an EMT (volunteer) and really love helping out in emergencies. At first the thought scared me, now I am a CPR and EMT instructor!